MSNBC panel cracks up laughing when host imagines Trump confessing 'I was wrong' about COVID-19
Ex Trump aide Anthony Scaramucci, MSNBC host Yasmin Vossoughian and "TrumpNation" author Tim O'Brien (Photo: Screen capture)

Bloomberg reporter Tim O'Brien, who authored the 2005 book TrumpNation, and former aide Anthony Scaramucci couldn't help but chuckle when MSNBC host Yasmin Vossoughian proposed the idea of the president apologizing for being wrong about COVID-19.

"I was having this conversation with one of my good friends last night, he is a brilliant lawyer, said to me, 'This seems like it could be a moment for Donald Trump, where he could turn this around,'" Vossoughian recalled to the panel. "Here is why, he could say, for instance, 'I was wrong.'"

O'Brien and Scaramucci could be seen smirking and chuckling softly.

"'I made a mistake,'" Vossoughian continued, and the gentlemen's laughter grew louder. "'I'm sorry. This thing is terrible, and we need to help save lives.' Any chance this president would ever say something like that?"

"Zero," said O'Brien frankly while laughing. President "Donald Trump doesn't apologize. Donald Trump doesn't make mistakes. Donald Trump will never say he's lost. Donald Trump will never admit to any kind of human failings or errors. He hasn't done it for, you know, 60 of his 74 years. He's not going to do it after a week. He had a series of events that have all been revelations about core things about who he is that are empirically validated this week. On Monday, you had tax returns that put financial clothing on the fact that he is a haphazard businessman and a human billboard who has been an inept deal maker his whole life. Someone who trafficked openly in bigotry and racism proves himself on a national stage to be unwilling to disavow white supremacy."

He continued: "In the wee hours of Friday morning, he is forced to disclose a pandemic he tried to dismiss time and again has invaded his body. And it's out there for everyone to see. He can't just shunt it aside. And now you have him pressuring his doctors, I think, to provide glowing diagnoses of how he's faring. I hope he survives this and fares well. We can't trust what we hear from these people because he cares more about image and surface than he does about reality. But the problem with him this week is reality has intruded like a tsunami."

Vossoughian asked Scaramucci to do a thought experiment where he's back to being Trump's message machine. "How did they spin this thing? How do they spin this diagnosis for the president?"

Scaramucci joked that he would first have to assume he didn't pop a cyanide pill to put himself out of the misery.

"Assuming I don't take the cyanide pill and I get through day 12, I would basically tell these guys right now, the buck stops with us," Scaramucci explained. "Forget about the president. Tim is 100 percent right. He's never going to change, but our reputations, who we are as people, who we are as patriots, it's incumbent upon us right this second to be as transparent as possible, as authentic as possible. And whether the president likes it or not, we have to tell the American people the truth of everything that is going on."

He noted that there are fewer than 30 days left for the election, and the most important thing for Americans right now is transparency.

See the full conversation below: