Neal Katyal rips Bill Barr for ‘unforgivable’ corruption: ‘Totally reprehensible’
William Barr appears on Fox News (screen grab)

In an interview with MSNBC's Ari Melber Wednesday, Neal Katyal said Bill Barr's corrupt treatment of the U.S. judicial system and its policies were "unforgivable" and "totally reprehensible."

During the Obama Administration, Katyal served as acting Solicitor General of the United States. Previously, Katyal served as an attorney in the Solicitor General's office, and as Principal Deputy Solicitor General in the U.S. Justice Department.

"It's absolutely totally reprehensible," Katyal said. "When you're in the federal government, whether the attorney general or the president or White House or whatever, if you're conscious of the awesome powers you have as you go and slander someone and say you've unmasked me or you've done this unfairly or committed crimes, that's for anyone that's reprehensible, but to do it to our loyal servants of the United States Government is just unforgivable and, you know, they just throw this dirt."

Katyal continued, "They have investigation after investigation at millions and millions of taxpayer dollars spent and find nothing and pretend like: let's find something else. I don't think we should go onto the next story. This is an absolute denigration of the way that the Justice Department operates. It a basic fundamental violation of fairness."

Watch the video below.