'No one is jumping up there': Trump ridiculed with 'hard pass' after pledge to 'kiss big powerful men' at his rally
Trump kissing Mike Pence (Photo: Screen capture)

President Donald Trump proposed kissing "big powerful men" in the front row of his rally on Saturday as proof that he's immune to COVID-19. It was a comment that may have been a joke to Trump but it has proposed a lot of comments about Trump's affection for dictators like Vladimir Putin and dismissal of the dangers of COVID-19.

Like many of Trump's "jokes," this didn't translate to any laughs, just questions about Trump's infatuation with "powerful men" and questions about why he wants to endanger the lives of Americans with misinformation and cracking jokes about the pandemic.

Thus far, the U.S. is just under 220,000 deaths from the coronavirus and there are at least 11 states that have seen a serious increase in cases and hospitalizations, including the ones Trump has visited.

For others, however, he was ridiculed for the joke with nominations of "big" or "powerful" men that Twitter users would like to see Trump make out with.

No Trump supporters volunteered to help Trump prove his COVID invincibility.

See the tweets from critics below: