Oklahoma Republican says people don't need health insurance -- they can just use savings accounts
Oklahoma Republican Stephanie Bice (Photo: Screen capture)

The most endangered Democrat in the U.S. is in the Oklahoma Fifth District, where Democrat Rep. Kendra Horn is facing off against Republican Stephanie Bice.

During a local interview, Bice explained why she doesn't support the Affordable Care Act, even after the state voted to authorize Medicaid expansion in the state.

"Everyone wants to make sure we're taking care of low-income families that need healthcare," said Bice before she pivoted to say she doesn't want such families to have care.

"Well, you don't support Medicaid expansion, so that can't be true," the reporter fact-checked her.

"No, that's actually very true, and I'll explain that in a second," Bice said. "The difference between my opponent and I (sic) is how do you get there. That's the difference. I think that there are a lot of ways that you can utilize things like a health savings account. Instead of providing insurance, let's give an individual a health savings account with a certain amount of dollars in it and let them spend those dollars on health-related --"

The reporter interrupted to ask how an individual could have a health savings account through an insurance company without having an insurance company, to begin with. So it would ultimately just be a savings account that the government would put money into for someone to spend on whatever they want.

If the government just hands people a savings account to pay for their healthcare, it may as well just be a socialized plan, unless Bice doesn't intend for the savings account to have any money to cover for care.

Horn tweeted a question about how someone handles it when they're in a car accident or a COVID-19 scare. The average cost for someone in the hospital with COVID-19 is $73,000, she said.

See the video below: