Over 14,000 special agents pen letter to Trump and Biden saying national security under threat if FBI Director is fired
FBI Director Chris Wray/C-SPAN screen shot

In letters addressed to President Trump and Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden, and a group of more than 14,000 current and retired special agents said that U.S. national security will be under threat if FBI Director Christopher Wray is removed from his position, Bloomberg reports.

“This country needs stability in leadership of the Bureau during these challenging times, and creating upheavals at the Bureau after the elections can only undermine the goal of protecting the safety and security of our country,” the FBI Agents Association's letter read.

As Bloomberg points out, Wray has angered Trump by refusing to support his allegation that the use of mail-in ballots will lead to massive election fraud. He's also on the President's bad side for refusing to prioritize left-wing groups when it comes to the threat of domestic terror in the U.S.

“Director Wray operates independently from partisan activities,” the association said. “He has not led the Bureau in a political manner, and politics should not determine his fate as Director.”