‘Pence has conjunctivitis’ says CNN medical analyst
Mike Pence (Screen Capture)

"Hell of a coincidence"

Vice President Mike Pence appeared to have red eyes during Wednesday night's debate, leading many to speculate why.

But one medical doctor says the vice president is suffering from conjunctivitis, more commonly called "pink eye."

Dr. Jonathan Reiner is the director of the cardiac catheterization laboratory at The George Washington University Hospital and professor of medicine at The George Washington University Medical Center.

He is also a CNN medical analyst.

"VP Pence has conjunctivitis. Viral conjunctivitis? Not a terrific sign in someone recently exposed to a viral pathogen," says Dr. Reiner.

Dr. Reiner suggests pink eye is a symptom of coronavirus infection.

Pence was exposed to several people who have tested positive to the coronavirus – including President Donald Trump. He attended the Rose Garden nomination event for Judge Amy Coney Barrett, where several attendees have tested positive.

The CDC guidelines say Pence should currently be in quarantine.