‘Playing games with our democracy’: Internet explodes with calls to #BoycottNBC after network hands Trump a town hall
Donald Trump (Olivier Douliery:AFP)

"Happily giving a white supremacist a platform despite the impact on society"

Americans are angrily denouncing NBC News and MSNBC after network executives announced Wednesday they will hold a town hall for President Donald Trump on Thursday, directly competing with ABC's town hall for Joe Biden. The two presidential nominees were to appear together in a town hall but Trump pulled out when the Commission on Presidential Debates announced due to his COVID-19 the event would be virtual.

In fact, NBC News seems desperately aware of the danger.

"Moderated by 'TODAY' anchor Savannah Guthrie, the event will take place outdoors and be socially distanced," was the first sentence in the network's announcement.

But the network seemed especially unaware of the anger it would generate by handing the former host of its own TV series, "The Apprentice," airtime to compete with a scheduled election event. Many expressed frustration that NBC appeared to be forcing voters to choose between the competing events to learn more about the candidates, which is the presumed goal of town halls.

And the anger for many seems to be focused on a lack of respect for the democratic process.

Here's what some are saying: