Republicans throw press conference to spread conspiracy theories in tight Iowa Senate race: report
Composite image of Theresa Greenfield and Joni Ernst, photos via their respective campaigns.

On Tuesday, the Quad-City Times reported that Jeff Kaufmann, the chairman of the Iowa Republican Party, held a news conference to attack Democratic candidate Theresa Greenfield's sources of money, and to suggest she was in the pocket of out-of-state actors.

"Kaufmann argued Iowans can’t trust Greenfield to represent them in the Senate, and that Greenfield, who was endorsed on Sunday by progressive lawmaker U.S. Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, would be a proxy vote for far-left Democrats 'to force their dangerous agenda,'" reported Erin Murphy and Tom Barton. "Greenfield has balked at progressive issues like single-payer health insurance, defunding the police, and adding seats to the Supreme Court."

"'She is being managed by out-of-state money that’s being funneled through (Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y.), who does want to do that,' Kaufmann argued. 'I don’t believe that Theresa Greenfield is accurate (in saying she doesn’t support packing the court), nor do I trust her one ounce the length of time it took her to answer that,'" continued the report. "'Look at where the money is coming from — her coastal elite backers have been running millions of dollars of false attacks,' said Kaufmann, who took issue with Greenfield’s claims that she would not accept money from corporate political organizations."

The Iowa Senate race has been one of the closest of the cycle, with most polls showing GOP Sen. Joni Ernst within a few points of Greenfield.