Senate Republicans are fed up with Trump's 'kook' anti-mask doctor: report
Dr. Scott Atlas (Fox News)

On CNN Monday, White House correspondent John Harwood tore into President Donald Trump for relying on the medical advice of Dr. Scott Atlas to inform his COVID-19 health policy — and said that it all but shuts the door on crafting a cohesive national strategy that will be supported by his own allies in the Senate.

"In the context of the public health discussion, Scott Atlas is a kook," said Harwood. "He sent that tweet over the weekend suggesting that mask-wearing does not work, which was contradicted by Brett Giroir, a member of the task force, and contradicted by everyone who works in public health — contradicted, by the way, by Mitch McConnell, who has been a faithful proponent of mask-wearing and the merits of mask-wearing."

"That's why this is a very disconnected kind of conversation," added Harwood. "President Trump, as he trails Joe Biden in the polls substantially, has lost his ability to move Senate Republicans. Senate Republicans are not inclined to move, and the president has this strange fringe outlier in the public health debate in his ear and all that lends is a completely multi-sided discussion that is not likely to get to the finish line."

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