'Serial dishonesty': CNN fact checker says Trump spewed falsehoods from 'his very first sentence' at debate

CNN fact checker Daniel Dale on Friday said he was nearly overwhelmed by President Donald Trump's dishonest debate performance on Thursday, which he said contained even more falsehoods than his widely panned first debate performance.

While appearing on CNN's "New Day," Dale broke down how Trump wasted no time spouting falsehoods during the debate.

"His very first sentence at this last debate was incorrect!" he said. "He was wrong in describing a pandemic-related statistic, and he went on from there to, again, falsely asserting that the pandemic is rounding some sort of corner, it's going away. In fact, the situation is getting worse in terms of cases, deaths, hospitalizations."

Dale also knocked Trump for claiming that a COVID-19 vaccine "is ready," even though no vaccine has yet been approved for use. He also explained how the president misrepresented Biden's plans by trying to conflate his health care proposal with Sen. Bernie Sanders's support of Medicare for All.

"We have a president who's running for re-election on a strategy of deliberate serial dishonesty," Dale said. "That's what we got from trump at this debate."

Watch the video below.