Seth Meyers says Trump is so checked out he sounds like he's already packing his stuff
Seth Meters (Photo: Screen capture)

President Donald Trump's closing message on his 2020 campaign career appears to be "60 Minutes was mean to me," and he doesn't really want to be in the White House anymore, said Seth Meyers during his "Closer Look" segment Wednesday.

Speaking about Trump's recent decision to walk out of a "60 Minutes" interview, Myers noted that it doesn't appear that Trump's heart is really in it anymore. Apparently, presidenting is no longer for once you start getting indicted.

"You can almost picture him on the other end of the phone in the White House packing his things in a cardboard box, not really paying attention, making half-hearted sh*t up because he knows it's what they want to hear," said Meyers.

"Yeah, I, uh, saved college football, or whatever," Meyers said in his Trump voice. "Hey, Melania! Where's the Instapot? Cause I'm packing the kitchen, Mel. Mel?! You sold it!? Mel! What about my jambalaya! Mel! What about Tuesday night jambalaya night? Don't slam the door, Mel."

Watch the segment below: