'She made a lot of faces': Fox News post-debate analysis attacks Kamala Harris for 'smirks' and 'eye rolls'
Martha MacCallum and Bret Baier (Fox News/screen grab)

Fox News hosts anchoring Wednesday night's vice presidential debate coverage praised Vice President Mike Pence but attacked Sen. Kamala Harris for making "a lot of faces."

Hosts Martha MacCallum and Bret Baier offered their initial impressions of the performances at the conclusion of the debate.

"You can see why the Democrats were building up Mike Pence," Baier opined. "It was disciplined, it was sharp. It was the best I've seen him. And he hit his marks. Sen. Harris obviously had some key points and the talk about COVID-19 and also about fighting for justice. But it seemed many times that Vice President Pence controlled the conversation in a disciplined kind of way."

"It started out a little bit tentative," MacCallum said. "But it built in a very strong way for the vice president. If his job that he set out to do was to hit his markers and to fix some of what wasn't laid down in terms of the Trump policy and the successes as they see it of the Trump presidency, I think that the folks in the Trump camp are going to feel really good tonight. I would guess that the president is very happy."

"And with regard to Kamala Harris, she was forceful," MacCallum remarked. "She made a lot of faces at Mike Pence as he was making his way through some of his arguments against her. But she did her best to put her best foot forward."

Baier refused to move on without also commenting on Harris' on-stage appearance.

"You know, how those smirks and nods and eye rolls and laughs play on the split screen is another part of the debate," Baier said. "It is part of debating on this national stage. And how that plays with the American people is a big question. The other big question is, does it make a big difference in this race?"

"I think that most people would say that Mike Pence had a very good night tonight," Baier added.

Watch the video below from Fox News.