Stephen Colbert does hilarious MAGA-Frozen parody after Trump fans were abandoned in the Omaha cold
(Photos: Screen captures)

Those who've been subjected to "Let it Go" from the Pixar film "Frozen," for the past decade will recognize the new tune from "A Late Show" host Stephen Colbert.

"MAGA Frozen" celebrates those who could lose a toe to the tune of "Let it Go."

"The MAGA rally just ended tonight,

He danced to YMCA.

His campaign bussed me out here

But the ticket was one-way.

Extremities have all gone numb,

All to watch Trump attack Biden's son.

My feet can't feel severe frostbite.

I think I might,

Lose a toe,

Lose a toe,

Left foot will have only four.

Lose a toe,

Lose a toe,

My choice of footwear was poor.

Obamacare will cover my stay.

Oh, wait, Barrott got confirmed.

Might have to sell this tiara on eBay."

Watch the hilarity below: