Stephen Colbert gets Trump to admit he hated Pence’s debate performance in fake Zoom interview
Trump and Colbert do fake Zoom interview (Photo: Screen capture)

"Late Show" host Stephen Colbert scored an epic fake interview with President Donald Trump after the vice presidential debate on Wednesday night.

According to the president, he hated Vice President Mike Pence's performance, and the only way he was able to get through it was with "drugs" and "various other drugs."

"Tell me about the care you received at Walter Reed," Colbert asked Trump.

"We have the greatest doctors in the world," Trump said.

"And they helped you feel better?" Colbert asked.

"I heard about this drug. I said, 'Let me take it.' It was my suggestion. I said, 'Let me take it.'" Trump replied.

"So, we have the greatest doctors in the world, but you diagnosed and then healed yourself? " Colbert asked.

"I did," said Trump.

Trump went on to blame China for making him sick, making him not wear a mask, and ultimately, for making him spread the disease at least 34 people in his administration so far.

See the fake interview below: