The DOJ's 'unmasking' probe was just another one of Trump's '20,000 lies': CNN's John Avlon
Donald Trump campaigns in Mosinee, WI (screengrab)

During his Reality Check segment this Thursday, CNN's John Avlon criticized President Trump in the wake the Washington Post's report that said the Department of Justice's "unmasking" probe of whether Obama-era officials illegally requested the names of individuals whose names were redacted in intelligence documents, ended without charges or even a public report.

"That's because it was always B.S.," Avlon said. "The fact weren't there."

According to Avlon, "it was just another one of the President's 20,000 lies" that were used to "try to weaponize the federal government against political opponents."

Avlon says Fox News mentioned "unmasking" 1,697 times since Trump took office. "That's hours of airtime that could have been spent informing viewers, not misleading. Instead, they chose to go full state TV and parrot the President without evidence."

Watch the video below: