The vague rumors about Biden's corruption are not meant to be comprehensible 'outside the right-wing-media universe': op-ed
Joe Biden (CNN)

When it comes to the pro-Trump camp's latest attempts to paint Joe Biden and his son Hunter as self-dealing actors intent on enriching each other by using their famous last name, those who live in the Fox News bubble won't feel a need to investigate the story for themselves. According to Anne Applebaum writing for The Atlantic, getting to the bottom of the story is besides the point.

Applebaum writes that disseminators of the Biden corruption narrative are "creating a miasma, an atmosphere, a foggy world in which misdeeds might have taken place, and in which corruption might have happened. They are also providing the raw material from which more elaborate stories can be constructed."

As demonstrated in 2016, email dumps are an ideal source for this kind of "raw material," since people's private conversations can be endlessly taken out of context.

"...just as the misuse of grammar can make someone sound illiterate, a note meant for one person’s eyes can look jarringly out of place when it appears in, say, a newspaper."

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