The View shreds ‘despicable’ Trump for endangering the lives of those around him
The View co-hosts (Photo: Screen capture)

"The View" co-hosts were furious on Tuesday morning after watching President Donald Trump rip his mask off after arriving at the White House Monday afternoon. The president still has COVID-19 and is spreading the virus to anyone he comes in contact with. But he returned to the White House anyway, where a staff of 90 people will further be exposed to the virus..

“How many people will take off their masks today because of the president?” asked Sara Haines, noting that Trump sets an example and that it has become a dangerous one.

Whoopi Goldberg agreed, noting that the rest of the United States doesn't have anywhere near the level of healthcare that the president does and that everyday Americans are "not on equal footing here. So, if you think you can take off your mask — you cannot.”

"Imagine all the White House housekeepers, imagine the butlers, imagine all the staff that work to keep the White House running that he has now put in harm's way," Sunny Hostin noted. "Imagine the everyday people that want to serve the country and serve the first family. He's putting them in harm's way. Two White House housekeepers have tested positive. I think it was Chelsea Clinton that tweeted yesterday that she's so close to many of those people and she fears for their lives. I mean what kind of man -- not just president -- what kind of man would act in this way, to endanger the lives of people that taking care of him and his family? It's despicable. Despicable!"

Joy Behar couldn't help but notice that the president was huffing and puffing as he climbed the stairs and she said that he seemed to be shaking.

"Here's the thing: this guy has not learned anything," she said. "He said he learned a lot. He's learned nothing. Not only is he a bad businessman, but he's also a bad politician."

She said that all Trump would have to do is say that he understands now how serious the disease is and why we should be taking it more seriously. It would have grown his base, she explained.

See the debate from the women below: