This chart shows how Biden is chipping away at two of Trump's key voting groups
Joe Biden, Donald Trump -- Facebook/AFP

Polls suggest that Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden is in good shape heading into the 2020 presidential election -- and a detailed analysis of polling demographics explains why.

Cook Political editor Dave Wasserman has posted a chart on his Twitter account that shows how well Biden is polling with different demographic groups compared to how Hillary Clinton polled with those groups in 2016.

The big picture shows that Biden is polling significantly better among white voters without a college degree and voters aged 65 and above than Clinton did four years ago.

While Biden is still losing to Trump among non-college whites, polls taken in October 2020 show him garnering around 39 percent of their vote, whereas Clinton in the final polls of 2016 garnered only 30 percent.

Even more significantly, the October 2020 polls show Biden beating Trump among voters aged 65 and above by garnering 53 percent of the senior vote compared to 44 percent for Trump.

This is a stark reversal from 2016, when the final polls showed Clinton losing seniors to Trump by a tally of 44 percent to 49 percent.

See the whole chart below.