'This is a loathsome lie': CNN's Avlon tears apart Trump for smearing Joe Biden as a 'communist'

President Donald Trump once again ratcheted up the rhetoric against Democratic rival Joe Biden by calling him a "communist" during a campaign rally on Tuesday.

"My opponent stands with socialists and communists!" Trump said during the rally. "They want to turn America into communist Cuba or socialist Venezuela!"

CNN's John Avlon on Wednesday tore the president apart for smearing his opponent as a "communist," as he noted there is literally no reason to believe that Biden wants to erect a Marxist dictatorship upon winning the 2020 election.

"This is a loathsome lie, because there's a body count behind it," he said. "Communists were responsible for as many as 100 million deaths under dictators like Lenin and Stalin and Mao and Pol Pot."

Avlon noted that Trump's efforts to smear Biden on this front are particularly rich because of the way he talks about North Korea's Kim Jong-un.

"Trump's got an Achilles heel here, because he's fawned over North Korea's communist leader," he said. "And of course, has never had a bad word to say about former KGB agent Vladimir Putin."

Watch the video below.