Trump accuses Biden of killing 300,000 vets in latest effort to distract from COVID death toll
US President Donald Trump has made clear he does not want White House officials cooperating with the impeachment investigation underway in the US Congress (AFP Photo/Olivier Douliery)

President Donald Trump on Monday lashed out at former Vice President Joe Biden as America's coronavirus death toll continues to increase.

"307,000 Veterans Died waiting for Healthcare at the V.A. During Sleepy Joe Biden’s Watch. 800,000 Records Stalled! A complete and total disaster" Trump argued on Twitter.

Meanwhile, the coronavirus mortality rate has been increasing.

"The proportion of Americans dying from coronavirus infections is the highest in the developed world, according to a study of global mortality rates that shows the U.S. pandemic response left citizens exposed to the lethal disease," Bloomberg News reported Monday. "Early in the outbreak, the U.S. mortality rate from Covid-19 was lower than in many other hard-hit countries, including the U.K., Spain and the Netherlands, according to the report Monday in the Journal of the American Medical Association. But as spring turned to summer, the U.S. largely failed to embrace public-health and policy measures that have helped other countries reduce death rates."

"The U.S. leads the world in total coronavirus deaths, with 214,776 as of Monday, according to data from Johns Hopkins University. Brazil ranks second with 150,488 deaths," Bloomberg noted.

The spread of the virus has resulted in COVID-19 testing outside the White House.

"D.C. saw a surge in the number of residents seeking coronavirus tests after the outbreak of dozens of cases linked to public officials, journalists and others with ties to the White House," The Washington Post reported Monday. "A testing site outside the White House on Friday urged anyone who had worked or visited to get tested. That site conducted only 80 tests, far below the hundreds processed at other locations, said Susana Castillo, a Bowser spokeswoman."

Trump launched his attack on Biden shortly before departing the White House for a campaign rally that is being held in Florida despite the pandemic and Trump testing positive for the virus.