Trump begging Bill Barr to save him is a sign that his attempt to 'corrupt the election' is imploding: columnist

Writing in the Washington Post this Tuesday, columnist Greg Sargent says that President Trump's latest attempt to corrupt the election on his behalf is already imploding on him.

"Trump just went on “Fox & Friends” and called on Attorney General William P. Barr to launch some kind of investigation into the new pseudo-scandal involving Joe Biden and his son Hunter’s laptop that Trump and his propagandists have been hyping of late," Sargent writes, adding that the spectacle amounted to Trump "practically pleading with Barr to salvage his reelection hopes" on national television.

Trump calling for a special prosecutor to investigate Hunter Biden is "deeply absurd" since Hunter Biden is a private citizen, Sargent writes. "But we can assume that Trump just wants Barr to announce some sort of investigation into this matter — just as he tried to strong-arm the Ukrainian president into doing, getting himself impeached — to cast a vague aura of corruption on the Bidens."

All Trump's latest scheme will do is end up demonstrating weakness and panic on his part, according to Sargent. "After all, on one front after another, previous efforts to corruptly use the government toward this end have collapsed."

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