Trump biographer explains why the president’s brain is like a leaking balloon

Speaking on Michael Cohen's Mea Culpa podcast this Monday, Trump biographer Tony Schwartz discussed President Trump's state of mind, saying that he believes Trump has "severe ADHD."

"He is incapable of paying attention to almost anything for long -- even a modest period of time," Schwartz said, later adding that Trump's issues are probably more complex than an ADHD diagnosis can capture.

"Kids with ADD can sometimes concentrate for hours on a video game," he said. "For Trump, the equivalent of a video game is anything that is making him feel better about himself.

Schwartz described Trump's brain using the analogy of a "balloon that's leaking or a glass that has a crack in it."

"...if someone was sitting there praising him, he would be quite capable of listening and he would join in in the praise, and I think that was because it was a life saver for him."

Listen the full podcast here. The relevant portion begins at around the 35:00 mark.