Trump demands SCOTUS intervene to stop late ballot counting: 'The Election should END on November 3rd'

President Donald Trump on Friday demanded that the United States Supreme Court intervene to stop states from counting ballots after November 3rd.

The president reacted angrily to a Supreme Court decision this week that rejected North Carolina Republicans' effort to stop an extension for accepting absentee ballots that arrive late but are postmarked on election day.

"This decision is CRAZY and so bad for our Country," the president fumed on Twitter. "Can you imagine what will happen during that nine day period. The Election should END on November 3rd."

In reality, many states have traditionally taken days to count all of their ballots, and forecasters are projecting that three key midwestern states -- Michigan, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania -- will need extra time given the flood of ballots sent in by mail.

"Again it is absolutely ahistorical and literally impossible to say vote counting should be final on Election Day itself," comments Politico reporter Kyle Cheney. "There is no legitimate reason to create this expectation."