Trump desperately tries to lower expectations for ‘major fake’ NBC town hall
Donald Trump at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center. White House Photo by Tia Dufour.

President Donald Trump is desperate to lower expectations for Thursday night's town hall, which he is doing for NBC News.

Hours before it is slated to begin Trump tweeted, calling it a "major Fake" forum.

The President does not perform well in town halls, where real voters ask him real life questions. Trump has demonstrated little grasp over policy matters, instead preferring to establish a shared victimization relationship with his supporters as he increasingly complains how everything is unfair for him, a billionaire real estate magnate and supposed leader of the free world.

Trump was also quick to attack C-SPAN political editor and host of "Washington Week," Steve Scuilly, who just admitted to lying after being caught tweeting with Anthony Scaramucci to ask advice about responding to Trump's attacks.

Earlier on Thursday Trump told North Carolina voters he is only doing the town hall because it's a “free hour of television” for him. He then attacked several NBC News employees. He called NBC's parent company, Comcast, "Concast."

Trump's town hall last month on ABC did not go well for him:

NBC News is under fire for giving Trump a town hall after the President withdrew from the official second debate because it had been turned into a virtual event when the President was diagnosed with coronavirus.