Trump diagnosis could change his COVID view: GOP mayor says ‘there is no zealot like a convert’
Donald Trump (Photo: Gage Skidmore/Flickr)

President Donald Trump's hospitalization at Walter Reed Hospital could change his views on the COVID-19 pandemic that he repeatedly downplayed.

"Across the country, scores of elected officials at all levels of government have experienced the alarming moment of finding out that they have tested positive for the coronavirus," The New York Times reported Friday evening.

The newspaper interviewed Kevin Brooks, the Republican mayor of Cleveland, Tennessee. Brooks was hospitalized for 11 days.

“I think President Trump is possibly going to have a different outlook on Covid now that he’s tested positive,” said Brooks. ”I know I did.”

The newspaper also spoke with Everett Green, the Republican Mayor of Scott City, Kansas. Green caught coronavirus at a mask-free fundraiser for a GOP legislative candidate.

“I was immediately convinced: This is a real thing," Green said.

“There is no zealot like a convert,” he noted.