Trump discusses his play for victory: ‘We have to win both Nebraskas’
President Donald Trump appears during a rally Dec. 10, 2019. (Matt Smith Photographer/

At President Donald Trump's rally in Omaha, Nebraska on Tuesday, President Donald Trump explained that in order to win a second term, "we have to win both Nebraskas."

Although Nebraska is of course only one state, Trump may have been referring to the fact that Nebraska splits its electoral votes among its congressional districts — although there are three districts, not two.

Recent polls have suggested Biden has a substantial lead in Nebraska's 2nd District, which includes Omaha. Democrats haven't won this district since Barack Obama carried it in 2008. If Biden wins it, it would mean he only needs to win two out of the three "blue wall" Midwestern states, as long as he also carries Arizona or another Sun Belt state.