Trump has become ‘The Incredible Shrinking President’ as Americans tune him out: Pennsylvania AG
Donald Trump (Photo: Gage Skidmore/Flickr)

On Monday, Pennsylvania's Democratic Attorney General, Josh Shapiro, hit back at President Donald Trump's threats that he would be "watching" the state for signs of voter fraud.

"What's your response to the president, who made those allegations without any evidence at all in your state?" asked anchor Wolf Blitzer.

"He says he's watching, about the only thing I have seen here in Pennsylvania is that Donald Trump has gone 0-5 in court challenges against us here," said Shapiro. "Court challenges where he has alleged widespread voter fraud, and yet never was able to back it up with a shred of evidence. That's why courts have dismissed these baseless lawsuits that he's filed. Apparently, now that he's lost in court time and time again, he's gone into the public square to spin a tale and tell these lies and attack our governor."

"At the end of the day, I think people are tuning it out," said Shapiro. "He may have people showing up at these super-spreader events, but the reality is, I think voters have tuned him out. He's like The Incredible Shrinking President right now. Folks are ignoring him and showing up the polls and voting. I think they're tired of the tweets. He can't back up what he says in court. Doesn't seem like he can back it up even in these ridiculous speeches he gives. And folks want to vote. They want to have an election. And they're tired of the chaos he keeps trying to inflict on our election process."

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