Trump humiliates a vulnerable GOP senator in her home state
Donald Trump at a campaign rally at The Villages (screengrab).

While campaigning in Arizona on Wednesday, President Donald Trump gratuitously humiliated a vulnerable ally who is desperately trying to keep her Senate seat.

He spoke first at a large rally of supporters, but he realized that Republican Sen. Martha McSally should get the opportunity to speak as well, given that she's underwater in her fight against Democrat Mark Kelly.

Trump didn't seem happy to share the stage, though.

"Just come up fast. Fast, fast," he said. "Come on. Quick. You got one minute! One minute, Martha! They don't want to hear this, Martha. Come on. Let's go. Quick, quick, quick. Come on."

Obviously, he had a somewhat jokey tone to his voice. But joking about the state being uninterested in hearing a vulnerable senator talk is quite damning for a political rally. If he really had faith in her, he'd be joking that the state loves her more than him. Trump has surely heard about the many polls in which she's trailing Kelly.

Many noted how embarrassing Trump's treatment of McSally was.

"He's calling her like a dog, and then she scampers to him, it's one of the most humiliating things i have ever seen in politics," said New York Magazine's Jonathan Chait.

"Trump regularly tosses shade at Martha McSally in Arizona," said Vox's Aaron Rupar. "He doesn't really seem to respect her and has long been resigned to her losing."

Watch the clip below: