Trump is in a ‘world of trouble’ and looking for an exit strategy: Ex-DHS official
Photo: AFP

On CNN Saturday, former Homeland Security official Juliette Kayyem broke down the significance of President Donald Trump suggesting he may "leave" America if he loses to Joe Biden.

"He always says the quiet part out loud," said Kayyem. "I'm sure the thought has crossed his mind as he's facing federal and state investigations he won't be protected from. Whether you go to a country that doesn't have extradition treaties. Ironically, a lot of those are Muslim countries, which we know the president had started his presidency against the Muslim countries."

"I will say it's sort of more generally — even if he's just goofing off, I think it's reflective of a president who does just not care about America," added Kayyem. "Can you imagine simply because you lost that you would leave America? Like, I mean, who does that? I think that that's actually the bigger story here is that a president who has so little confidence, faith in the institutions and what America means, who would not choose America but choose to leave, that's the president we've had. One who views it as himself. So who knows what his legal plans are, but he's in a world of trouble after he's president. So he's probably thinking about strategies to get out of these investigations which include, as you know, as we've talked about, the $400 million in debt that he owes to some country or some entity."

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