Trump lawyer launches conspiracy theory the polls are wrong; ‘They cannot discount the boat parades!’
Pam Bondi speaks to Fox News (screen grab)

On Fox News Tuesday, former Florida Attorney General and Trump impeachment defense lawyer Pam Bondi claimed to Sean Hannity that the polls showing Joe Biden leading by double digits are wrong, because nobody who supports Trump is willing to talk to pollsters.

"The president is game on," said Bondi, who is best known for ending an investigation into the president's businesses after a donation to her political committee. "He's 100 percent, he's going strong, and they cannot discount the number of people coming out, they cannot discount the boat parades, they cannot discount all the supporters out there. None of us are going to answer polls! We know who we are voting for. It's the silent majority!"

Hannity appeared to accept this logic.

"I've never been polled my whole life," he agreed. "I want to be polled once. Someone want to poll me?"

Watch below: