Trump-loving GOP candidate goes down in flames when reporter corners her on her own frivolous lawsuit

Laura Loomer, a far-right internet troll who won the Republican Party's nomination for Florida's 21st congressional district, wilted under questioning from a local news reporter during an interview this week.

In an interview with journalist Jay O'Brien, Loomer claimed that she has been banned from multiple tech platforms -- including Twitter, Facebook and even Uber Eats -- because of a vast far-left conspiracy against her, and not because she has regularly spread misinformation about mass shootings being staged "false flag" operations.

Loomer then claimed that she believes so strongly that tech companies are conspiring against her that she filed a lawsuit over it.

"Many lawsuits have been filed!" she claimed.

"But didn't you bring a lawsuit and the judge threw it out?" O'Brien asked her.

"Yeah but just because the judge threw it out doesn't mean that there isn't truth behind it!" she replied.

"I think that's exactly what it means," O'Brien shot back.

"No, no!" Loomer insists.

Watch the video below.