Trump makes his closing pitch to ‘suburban housewives’ at rally: ‘Women, I like women — I like women!’
Female Trump supporters gaze on the president in a Raleigh, NC rally. Image via Chip Somodevilla/AFP.

President Donald J. Trump made his closing pitch to who he called "suburban housewives" at his Arizona rally Monday. He bellowed, "Women, I like women -- I like women!" in a classic Trumpian move while his supporters cheered.

"Listen, here's the story. They said 'suburban women' -- I used to call them 'suburban housewives,' I got killed all the time. I said, 'ugh, I better go politically correct.' Is there one woman here who minds being called, if you're married at least, a 'suburban housewife' 'cause..."

The crowd erupted with "No!"

"The only ones who mind are those characters... there's a lot of people up there - the press, right? Those are the only ones. The rest of them don't."

Watch the video below.