Trump makes up new conspiracy theory — that Hunter Biden is a prescription drug ‘middle man’
President Donald Trump at a MAGA rally in Tucson, Arizona (screengrab).

In an attempt to disparage his Democratic candidate's son, President Donald J. Trump referred to Hunter Biden as the "middle man" of drugs.

"...never hear middle women. We'll make it politically correct, they're middle men. These guys are so rich. Who are they? I bet you Hunter gets a piece of the action," Trump said. "Hunter Biden is a middle man on top of everything else. He gets it from China and Ukraine and three and $3.5 million from Moscow and, on top of everything else, he's a middle man. I bet he is. He probably gets a piece of the action."

Trump continued on his rant, "Instead, he sold seniors out to big pharma. I'm taking on the power of special interest. No one has ever done this before. No one has ever done this before. For years you heard about drug prices and nobody ever did anything and now you hear about drug prices -- they'll be dropping like a rock."

He continued to speak about bringing the cost per pill down by "letting" governors go to Canada to purchase medications for "50 percent off."

Watch the video below.