Trump rages against disloyal Republicans in latest rally rant: ‘A RINO may be the lowest form of human life’
President Donald Trump at a 'Make America Great Again' rally (screengrab)

President Donald Trump went after RINOs, the name for "Republicans In Name Only," those GOP members who don't support him and aren't straight-ticket voters for the Republican Party.

Speaking to a crowd in Arizona, Trump blasted them as the worst demographic.

"Do you know what a RINO is? A RINO may be the lowest form of human life. I actually thought of the others more than the RINO. Do you know why?" Trump asked as the crowd cheered.

Something then was launched by F-15 military aircraft above the rally, which distracted him. Trump bragged that it took him a lot to get them to do it. It's illegal to use government resources for campaign events.

He also bragged about building the wall which he said, "Very soon Mexico will pay for it."

See the video below: