Trump ridiculed for being 'jealous' of Barack Obama: 'We're supposed to believe he pre-pays anything?'
President Donald Trump in the Oval Office (Photo: Screen capture)

Former President Barack Obama spent some of his time during an Orlando, Florida speech burning President Donald Trump for still complaining about the size of his inauguration crowd in 2017 while the COVID-19 pandemic is growing larger by the day.

It must have triggered the Fox News addict because he tweeted that he was watching the speech in real-time and swore that there weren't really any people at the rally.

"Now @FoxNews is playing Obama’s no crowd, fake speech for Biden, a man he could barely endorse because he couldn’t believe he won. Also, I PREPAID many Millions of Dollars in Taxes," screamed Trump.

It has been an excuse Trump has used as it was revealed he only paid $750 in taxes in 2016 and 2017. He also called it a "filing fee," but the IRS doesn't charge filing fees. The $750 was listed on the "taxes due" line of his filing.

It was all something that prompted Twitter to unleash ridicule, mockery and hilarity on the current president as he fumed.

See the tweets below: