Trump ripped after mask-shaming Lesley Stahl: 'You've spent 9 months blasting masks'
(AFP/File / Brendan Smialowski)

President Donald Trump has spent the past year attacking those who wear a mask, even going so far as to bully his own White House staff for wearing a mask, demanding reporters take their masks off and claiming his opponent's mask is too big.

Speaking to a Pennsylvania crowd in September, Trump asked if they kew "a man that likes a mask as much" as former Vice President Joe Biden.

"It gives him a feeling of security," Trump said. "If I was a psychiatrist, I'd say this guy has some big issues."

He continued his attacks at the debate.

“When needed, I wear masks. I don’t wear masks like him,” Trump said of Biden. “Every time you see him, he’s got a mask. He could be speaking 200 feet away from them, and he shows up with the biggest mask I’ve ever seen.”

Trump tested positive for COVID-19 two days after the statement.

The Wall Street Journal observed that White House staff rarely wear masks despite an order that they do so and when on Air Force One, it's even less frequent.

“I don’t agree with the statement that if everybody wears a mask, everything disappears," Trump told Fox News host Chris Wallace on July 19.

To make matters worse, Trump's own campaign team doesn't wear masks, despite rules that they do so.

"Facing no threat of enforcement, the Trump campaign has continued to make its own rules on coronavirus protections, said the individuals, who requested anonymity to speak freely," Politico reported in July. "For instance, staff have been told to wear masks outside the office, in case they’re spotted by reporters, but they’ve been instructed that it’s acceptable to remove them in the office, the individuals said, adding that staff also publicly joke about the risk of coronavirus and play down the pandemic’s threat."

His attack on Stahl earned a lot of criticism from those online, one for his anti-mask policies, his lies about the virus and mocking him for obviously having such a tough time in the "60 Minutes" interview that he is already having to do damage control.

Lesley Stahl already had the coronavirus back in May, which is probably why she doesn't feel the need to wear a mask. There are cases of people getting COVID-19 more than once, so it's unclear if Stahl has the antibodies required for fighting the virus but most survivors of the virus do.

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