Trump attacks Cory Booker as ‘an empty suit’ and ‘total loser’ during Barrett hearings
Composite image of Sen. Cory Booker and Judge Amy Coney Barrett (screengrab).

In a Twitter rant Tuesday, President Donald J. Trump called Sen. Cory Booker (D-NJ) an "empty suit" and "total loser." Trump's slights stemmed from the second day of Judge Amy Coney Barrett U.S. Supreme Court hearing.

Trump tweeted, "How dare failed Presidential Candidate (1% and falling!)Cory Booker make false charges and statements about me in addressing Judge Barrett. Illegally, never even lived in Newark when he was Mayor. Guy is a total loser! I want better Healthcare for far less money, always protecting people with Pre-existing conditions. He has done nothing on Healthcare, cost or otherwise, or virtually anything else. An empty suit!!!"

Booker tweeted seven hours earlier that, "It doesn't matter to Donald Trump and Mitch McConnell that millions of families rely on the Affordable Care Act. This rushed Supreme Court nomination process is a shameful attempt to strike down this lifesaving legislation."