Trump spokesman slams 'politicians using taxpayer funded jobs to try and benefit their family'
Sandra Smith appears with Hogan Gidley on Fox News (screen grab)

A spokesperson for President Donald Trump's campaign on Wednesday blasted politicians who use "taxpayer funded jobs to try and benefit their family."

During an interview on Fox News, Gidley made the remark in reference to Democratic nominee Joe Biden.

"The corruption is now flowing into his family," Gidley opined. "And you see that. And I think the American people absolutely care about their politicians using taxpayer-funded jobs to try and benefit their families."

Although Gidley was referring to Biden's family, several commenters noted that the campaign aide could also have been talking about Trump's children.

"Gidley is 100% correct," one person wrote. "Ivanka and Jared must be held accountable for their actions."

"I hope that’s on tape and the @ProjectLincoln runs it ad nauseum fit the next 2 weeks," a comment said.

"The absolute cheek and hypocrisy of his statement. It is utterly incredible," another commenter remarked.

Watch the video and read some of the comments below.