Trump supporter spits on actress Amber Riley's car as she's trying to park
actress Amber Riley (Photo: Shutterstock)

Actress Amber Riley had a scary run-in with one of President Donald Trump's supporters while she was trying to pull into a parking lot Monday night.

TMZ posted a video from Riley in which she explained that she was pulling into the drive of a parking lot when a Trump supporter stopped in the middle, took off his "Trump supporter hat" as if it was a badge of some sort and gave him the power to stop her.

She said she blew it off at first, and told the Trump supporter to move along, but instead, he spit on her car. She was furious.

"In 2020, he saw a Black woman, decided he was gonna punk me and the mother f*cker spit on my car. I don't have words for this," she says in the video.

Riley, who was clearly driving at the time, said she didn't reach for her phone to film the man. She's also not one to make racists famous, she explained.

She also said she was so furious at his behavior that if she had seen him in the store, "I would have been in jail right now."

She noted she doesn't care about the candidates that people support, what she cares about is, "you keeping your hands to yourself, I care about you keeping your comments to yourself and I care about you keeping your bodily fluids to yourself."

"We've been in a race war since we were brought into this country," she said. "And people are going to start fighting back. But around these parts, you spit again, you get your ass beat."

See the video below: