Trump supporter stumbles when CNN asks him to describe the president's health care plan

A supporter of President Donald Trump had difficulty this week when CNN's Alisyn Camerota asked him to describe President Donald Trump's elusive health care plan.

In a roundtable discussion of voters, a Trump supporter named Jimmy insisted that the president would take care of people who have preexisting conditions to make sure they can't be denied health insurance coverage.

However, Camerota noted that the president has still not released a health care plan, despite having pledged to do so for months now.

"But where is the plan?" she asked him.

"I haven't seen a plan, either," he acknowledged. "I'd say it would be pretty hard to go back on that promise when he said it so often."

"Jimmy, you don't need to see a plan in order to trust that one?" she asked.

"He's got a plan," Jimmy responded.

"What is it?" Camerota asked.

"He's got a better plan than Biden has got, I promise," he insisted.

"What's President Trump's plan?" Camerota pressed.

"He is going to look out for preconditioned people," he said. "He's going to get insurance over state lines where you have cheaper insurance. My insurance has gone up twice, it's double what it was. But I pay it and I hope he can lower it and he says he can, we'll see."

Watch the video below.