‘Bizarre’: Trump supporter busted for political vandalism in Florida – against a fellow Trump supporter

A Florida man was arrested foe going into a person's property and destroying Donald Trump campaign signs, actually turned out to be a Trump supporter who was upset about seeing a Confederate flag next to a Trump campaign sign -- saying that he didn't want anyone sending the impression that Trump is racist, 12 News reports.

“I witnessed that man vandalize property,” eyewitness Laura Graves said. “He felt it was his right to walk up to a neighbor’s property and steal their Trump sign. He then went back the next morning and kicked in the front window. It's scary because a family with a little girl lives there."

The man, identified as 36-year-old Ryan Denniston, reportedly admitted to destroying the signs, according to police.

"He was upset because there was a Confederate flag in the same yard that there was a Trump sign," Lt. Thomas Raulen. "He thought the Confederate flag made Trump look racist and he didn't like that because he is also a Trump supporter. So it appears, as bizarre as it sounds, this is a case of Trump-on-Trump crime."

Denniston also destroyed the same victims solar lights and window.