Trump supporter who can't do math calls progressive radio host to share 'ridiculous' numbers
Few Trump supporters wearing masks at event in Winston-Salem (screengrab)

I was away for the long weekend, but back on my SiriusXM show today and looking forward to being back!

And thought I’d put up this call from Neil in North Carolina, a man who had some ridiculous numbers and couldn’t seem to add them up — and also seemed not to know that Trump’s press secretary, now with coronavirus, never wore a mask.

After refuting his numbers, we then got into the discussion about masks, in which he asked if I actually wear a mask everywhere. He couldn’t seem to understand that many people wear masks out in public all the time.

He then tried to change the subject and wouldn’t answer my basic questions about Trump not wearing a mask, as well as his now-coronavirus-infected press secretary, Kayleigh McEnany.

I know — I lost my temper with him! Sometimes it happens. And I just got angry a little while ago with two men not wearing masks on the New York City subway, believe it or not. And I let them know exactly how I felt. I guess I was also angry watching the Amy Coney Barrett hearing. It’s one of those days! We’ll be discussing that on the show.