Trump voter tells CBS she doesn't wear a mask because 'teeny-tiny' virus is 'so small'
A Trump supporter named Beth speaks to CBS News (screen grab)

A voter who supports President Donald Trump's handling of COVID-19 told CBS News on Sunday that she does not wear a mask because the virus is too small.

During a panel discussion with voters on Face the Nation, host Margaret Brennan asked which panelist wore face masks.

"Beth, you don't wear a mask?" Brennan asked one of the voters.

"I do when I'm in public spaces where they insist that you do," Beth replied. "But otherwise, no."

"And so when you hear the statistics that are rattled off by the CDC director, you hear Dr. Fauci say wearing a mask could really stop the spread, why do you doubt that?" Brennan pressed.

"Because the virus is a virus," Beth stated. "The particle is so teeny-tiny that it can't even be seen without a microscope. So while prophylactically and out in public it may help. Certainly if I was around someone who was older was ill, you know, I would do it."

"But the virus is a virus," she added. "It's so small. It's going to do what viruses do. So I think that you best offense is a really good strong defense. Be healthy, you know, eat well, exercise well, sleep well."

Another Trump supporter named Walter insisted that the president could not have done a better job handling the virus because it was an "unknown."

"I think the job that was done was magnificent compared to the circumstances," he said.

Watch the video below from CBS.