Trump's answer to his campaign's death spiral is to 'do exactly what he’s been doing -- only more': op-ed
President Donald Trump pauses with a serious face during a press conference in the Rose Garden. (Borka Kiss /

Writing in the Washington Post this Friday, Paul Waldman says that polls are showing President Trump's campaign is losing serious ground with key demographics. But instead of trying to right the ship, Trump's answer to his current political predicament is to "do exactly what he’s been doing, only more."

"Any sane adviser would tell Trump to do a couple of things right now," Waldman writes. "Use the fact that he contracted covid-19 to show empathy with the millions of American families that have been affected by the virus. Do something, anything, to convince voters that he won’t be such a force for discord and division."

Calling into Fox News, the rage tweeting, berating members of his own cabinet, claiming he was framed by Hillary Clinton -- "How many swing voters do you think Trump is going to find that way?" Waldman asks.

"...Trump only ran for office once," he continues. "His formula in that race was to capture the nomination by appealing to the ugliest impulses within his party, then win the general election by continuing to play on fear and resentment. Instead of working to win voters across the center, he found a latent Trump vote to activate."

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