Trump's departure from the hospital will open the floodgates — he's in for a political beatdown: Ex-White House adviser
President Donald Trump pauses with a serious face during a press conference in the Rose Garden. (Borka Kiss /

On CNN Monday, former White House adviser David Gergen warned that President Donald Trump will face political "all-out war" as a consequence of having left Walter Reed despite his unclear medical condition and ongoing COVID-19 infection.

"I did feel tonight that the president was returning from the world of medicine to the world of politics," said Gergen. "People on the Democratic side have generally been pretty quiet the last few days. Biden pulled negative ads, for example. He is going to get in the thick of it now, it will be a fight. One of the things you'll hear again and again, we have millions of people going to vote early. They deserve to know the health outlook for both nominees, they need to tell us and tell us in detail what their health situations are."

"I think that the Trump people are going to resist that," added Gergen. "They clearly are trying to cover things from us. I think there's going to be an all-out war about getting and having the public see before the country goes to the polls, having a chance to look at the health records of both candidates."

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