Trump’s Interior Department throws tantrum after being called out for ‘propaganda video’
Interior Secretary David Bernhardt on Thursday, July 25, 2019. (White House Photo by Stephanie Chasez)

President Donald Trump's Department of the Interior angrily lashed out on Tuesday after being criticized for spreading a "propaganda video" one week before the election.

It started when controversial Interior Secretary David Bernhardt posted a campaign-style video on Twitter, arguing Trump is a conservationist.

The video was blasted by Tim Fullerton, who ran the department's digital team during the Obama administration.

"I ran the Interior digital team during President Obama’s re-election in 2012. I would have been fired for doing this," Fullerton posted on Twitter.

"This is a propaganda video created with your tax dollars meant to bolster the President’s chances of being re-elected. This is way outside the lines," he concluded.

The Interior Department's press secretary angrily lashed-out at the criticism.