Trump's massive rallies amid COVID-19 pandemic are flopping in key battleground states
Trump rally in Yuma, Arizona (screengrab)

It is no secret President Donald Trump loves to bask in MAGA glory at his rallies, but a new survey shows his campaign blitz may be backfiring as voters wonder if the president bears responsibility for hosting potential super-spreader events while COVID-19 batters the Midwestern United States.

A new survey, compiled of voters in six battleground states—Arizona, Florida, Michigan, North Carolina, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin—found that a great number of voters view Trump "much less" or "somewhat less favorably" due to his continued behavior amid the coronavirus pandemic, reports US News. Despite alarming upticks in cases across the Midwest, Trump has continued to visit vulnerable states and hold massive rallies all while disregarding COVID-19 mitigation practices.

Over the last few weeks, footage and photos have captured hundreds, and sometimes thousands, of mask-less Trump supporters standing shoulder to shoulder at the president's in-person rallies. Despite contracting COVID-19 and being hospitalized for the virus, Trump has not changed his campaign practices to protect his supporters.

Guy Cecil, chairman of Priorities USA, weighed in on Trump's actions admitting that it appears voters are catching on to his antics.

"Bad public health policy is bad politics, and voters are onto this," Cecil said.

Below is the survey breakdown, according to the publication.

"In Arizona, 56% saw Trump less favorably because of his rallies compared to 26% who saw him "much more" or "somewhat more" favorably; in Florida, the split was 58% unfavorable to 22% favorable; in Michigan, it was 57% unfavorable to 25% favorable; in North Carolina, it was 55% unfavorable to 25% favorable; in Pennsylvania, the divide was 58% unfavorable to 22% favorable; and in Wisconsin, it was 55% unfavorable to 25% favorable."

The state-of-the-race report comes just days ahead of Election Day. Based on the findings, Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden appears to be in a positive position to win the election. States that appear to be solidly or favorably Democratic have reached a tentative total of 334 Electoral College votes.

Trump, on the other hand, appears to have a total of 126 Electoral College based on states solidly Republican which may make his road back to the White House more of an uphill battle. While Trump believes his rallies are working in his favor, he could be in for an upset on November 3 if the election results suggest his plan backfired.