Trump's 'underlying conditions' could take him off the campaign trail indefinitely: MSNBC
President Donald Trump pauses with a serious face during a press conference in the Rose Garden. (Borka Kiss /

On MSNBC Saturday, Pulitzer Prize-winning science journalist Laurie Garrett said that President Donald Trump's COVID-19 diagnosis has revealed he has a number of previously unknown comorbidities, and that his condition is bad enough to pull him off the campaign trail for the foreseeable future.

"We know now that Trump has a lot more underlying medical conditions than he's ever really allowed the world to know about," said Garrett. "He has tried his level best to appear very youthful, to have no trouble walking, no trouble lifting glasses of water to drink, no difficulty slurring words, all these things. He's gone out of his way to have medical assessments appear that, number one, he's in the fittest state of health, and, number two, that he's considerably younger than Joe Biden, who he likes to portray as old and senile. They're only three years apart."

"What we're finding is, indeed, the president has had a number of underlying conditions and may in fact have some cardiovascular issues," said Garrett. "This puts him, coupled with his obesity and age, in a high-risk group once infected with the COVID virus. This means he is likely to be under treatment for a considerable amount of time, and he certainly can't go out campaigning. He certainly isn't going to be in a position to mix with others in any considerable way that would contribute both to his campaigning and, frankly, running the government. So my advice is that Mike Pence should remain close to Washington, able to step in and run the Oval Office should the president's condition worsen."

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