Vermont official demands Supreme Court correct Kavanaugh's false claims about voting in their state
Brett Kavanaugh testifies before Senate Judiciary Committee (MSNBC/screen grab)

On Wednesday, the Office of Vermont Secretary of State Jim Condos sent a letter to the Supreme Court formally asking them to correct the false claim that Kavanaugh made about the state's election process during his concurrence in Tuesday's decision denying an extension of mail-in ballot receipt deadlines in Wisconsin.

In the concurrence, Kavanaugh had cited Vermont as an example of a state that had taken no actions to change voting procedures for the COVID-19 pandemic. But as Condos pointed out, Vermont did in fact change procedure — issuing orders to send a mail-in ballot automatically to every registered voter, and instructing local officials to begin process ballots in the 30 days before the election to expedite the counting process.

"Since the state of Wisconsin neither changed its ordinary election rules this year to mail each of its active registered voters a ballot nor authorized its Local Election Officials to process ballots early, Vermont is not an accurate comparison for the assertion Justice Kavanaugh has made," wrote Condos. "I respectfully ask that the record is corrected to reflect that."

Read the full letter below: