‘He’s so jacked up’: Trump blasted after vowing to kiss the ‘beautiful women’ at Florida rally
President Trump spreads open his arms as he speaks about the success of the Farmers to Families Food Box feeding program. (Jeffery Edwards / Shutterstock.com)

It all started with a delusional message Monday night from President Donald J. Trump where he told his MAGA-loving supporters in Florida, “Now they say I’m immune. I can — I feel so powerful... I’ll walk into that audience, I’ll walk in there, I’ll kiss everyone in that audience. I’ll kiss the guys and the beautiful women ..." He continued, “I’ll just give you a big, fat kiss."

At one point, Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) was seen in the audience "clutching his pearls" as one viewer shared.

Additional reactions below for amusement and confusion on just about every single level imaginable.